My Therapy Process

  1. Psychological Assessment

During the first 2-3 appointments, we will complete a comprehensive assessment to understand your concerns, collaborate on treatment goals together, and ensure that the optimal treatment is prescribed. At the end of the assessment, I provide diagnostic feedback and treatment recommendations. The purpose of this assessment is to determine if I can help you, and if so, to guide treatment moving forward. If services are needed outside of my expertise, I am transparent and provide referrals as needed. It is important for both of us to feel that our relationship and treatment plan are a good fit, so please take this time to see if you feel comfortable continuing as well. I am open to answering any questions before starting treatment!

2. Treatment

Treatment usually consists of 12-24 sessions (but can vary depending on your concerns, needs, treatment goals, and severity of symptoms). Treatment is evidence-based and focuses on learning coping skills. We will start with a rationale of the treatment approach to make sure that we are on the same page and comfortable moving forward. From there, I will introduce skills in each session, which are practiced together and then on your own outside of our session. It is important to practice the skills outside of our sessions so that they help you in the real world. This way, you will become increasingly independent while improving your life. I work to empower each patient so you eventually become your own therapist (with the support of your loved ones).

3. Graduation*

Once your treatment goals are met and there are no further concerns, we may work towards graduation. At this point, patients usually feel confident in continuing their skills independently and have made significant gains in treatment. Before graduation, treatment shifts to focus on celebrating accomplishments in treatment, reviewing skills learned, and discussing relapse prevention.

*Following graduation, if additional sessions are needed as stressors arise (e.g., transitioning back to school or a new job), we can schedule appointments, pending availability.